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Doctor in a Clinic

Private Medical Clinic

Aiconic Clinics is a CQC approved Private Medical

Clinic currently providing Dermatology Services.

We predominantly offer Remote and Virtual Consultation Services through our apps. Our private clinic in Hinckley in the Midlands offer limited Dermatology services

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About Aiconic Clinics

Specialist Clinic 

Backed by Digital Apps

Aiconic Clinics aims to help patients by getting advice quickly. Most of the time our specialist consultations are provided within the same week, instead of waiting months on the current waiting lists. We deliver our services via Tele Consultation and Video Consultation. We provide same day dermatology advice service from International Dermatologists. 

Our Dermatologists are very experienced NHS and Private Consultants who are nationally and internationally recognised. They have helped build our digital apps which allow for accurate diagnosis and advice for patients. 

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Our Games

Our Services

We provide a range of services from Physical Clinics to Remote services making it possible for you to access our services anytime from anywhere. 


Safe and Effective

With safe and secure technology, you do not need to wait for months to see a Dermatologist. We can provide video consultations within 1-2 weeks for a large number of skin conditions.

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Best way for care

The best way to get diagnosis and advice is by a physical visit to a Dermatologists. We try our best to provide this service where possible.

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Quick and Safe

Some skin conditions and follow up treatment advice can be provided via online reporting. It is safe and can always be very cost effective.

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Why we differ

Harnessing the power of technology we deliver our

services anywhere anytime backed by Dermatologists


Safe Secure Medical 

Records and data

Our Security approved mobile apps provide the security needed to store your images in your diary along with other secure information.

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Remote Monitoring Tools

Backed by AI 

Monitor your skin conditions like Acne and Psoriasis via the app. Our tools built by specialist  Dermatologists provide objective evidence of treatment progress.

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Free chat service with your Dermatologists on your phone

Our patients get constant support and advice using our secure chat service. Accessible 24/7 giving you comfort that we are available for you anytime, anywhere.

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Medical and Non Medical

If you want to ask us about our services, or upload some information for us to look at and tell us more about our services, contact us via the app.

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Write to us

If you are not able to reach us via the phone or via the app, leave us a quick note and we will get back to you soon. 

Thanks! We will get back to you soon.

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