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Your one-stop app for all your skin problems. Loaded with unique features, Aiconic Skin can be your trusted friend in your journey to healthy skin. Book a Video Consultation and get expert advice from our Dermatologists from ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!

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Being an international group of medical specialists and technology experts, we have combined our expertise to create a Dermatology Platform to get you the right treatment in a quick time. Our team collectively has more than 100 years of experience in treating skin patients and is the best in skincare provision.

Begin your journey to healthier skin!

Why Skin App?


With our Aiconic Skin App, you get to choose the best and highly trained Dermatologists to treat you. Our Dermatologists are specially trained to assess your skin problem via the app. We provide them accurate information and help using very high-end technology. Based on the information provided, we can indicate to you whether you need to see the doctor in the clinic or you can be treated by a Video Consultation or Remote consultation. You will get the right treatment by the right method. Your medications will be delivered as Electronic treatment plans on your app.


Our app is built with all the security features needed to deliver secure health consultations. We meet all the regulatory standards for maintaining patient information and privacy. Expert advice has been taken to make the app very easy for your use. 


Triage Service

Introductory Free Service

Don’t know what your skin problem is and who should treat you? Upload your images and symptoms. Our Skin Professionals will review your images and symptoms. If it is all clear, we will let you know what your likely skin problem is and who is the best professional to treat you and how.


This service does not provide treatment advice or procedure plans.

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